Umashankar Tiwari Pulls Of A Tourism Scam From Behind The Bars

Usually, with big occasion or events, there is a huge fraud that also been planned by the foul peoples. Bigger the event more and more the fraud. For Indians, the Kumbh Mela is the biggest event related to the worship of God.  But the people with no integrality play with the people who celebrate these events from the heart. Recently a big fraud has taken place of lakhs of rupees.

Many big businessmen and expert officials of the tourism department were involved in this fake Kumbh Mela. After investigation, the main face came pout for this fraud who is umashankar tiwari.

The whole flashback of the story

The internet is made for the benefits of the people but many people make it useful for other purposes. Few culprits posted about the fake Kumbh Mela on the internet. Many people got trapped on that scam and registered themselves online for the Kumbh Mela. The fraudsters have taken the money from those thousands of devotees in form fare prices with the personal documentation too.

When the tourism official could find about the fake tour planned, they started circulating messages and awareness among the people but unfortunately, it was too late.  The officials started the investigation about the fraud and soon they came up with the fraudsters that were few businessmen, tourism officials and the main mastermind umashanka tiwari allahabad.

The amount that the fraudsters have collected was not exactly announced but according to the informers, the amount was in term of crores. The tourism officials should take care and be more focus towards these activities so that this type of fraud could not take place again.

More highlights of the story

Frauds are not so rare in pour country but the activity done by the umashankar Tiwari from behind the bars are the main highlight of the fraud. The main question is how Tiwari have contacted those businessmen and officials when he was in the bars. The police and security have to answer a lot to the public as well as to the government. If this can happen from behind the bars then the public of our country is not safe from the fraudsters who are not in jail. This not the first time for Tiwari, beforehand he has duped the filmmaker in the name of documentary and looted many lakhs of rupees.

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