Appraisal of Act of Buying Instagram Followers

The act of buying followers for instagram handles came into existence in the social world a few years ago. Initially various reputed companies such as Pepsi, Coca Cola and Mercedes Benz started with buy instagram followers to show up a heavy list of followers to the public as potent brand recognition. Slowly it became a trend among common people as it makes people feel like celebrity with attainment of huge number of followers.

How to buy instagram followers?

Instagram followers can be bought by referring any promotional link or site by paying monetarily. These services are cheap and may serve with up to 1000 followers. As revealed by Google search, there are many cheap services available for buying Instagram followers. For about $6 USD, one can get 500 followers, and for about $10 USD, one can get 1,000 followers.

Should instagram followers be bought?

The thought of buy instagram followers is a vague idea because these followers are likely to be inactive accounts probably bots, that is, they would not involve up with the posts. This means the handle of the user would not appear in navigated suggestion pages, or in the newsfeed of these follower accounts. It will also make it hard to measure the reach of the handle.

Critics of buying instagram followers:

Buy instagram followers may not allow create the rush of inactive accounts in the followers list but also might harm the privacy and band value of the business. Apart various other drawbacks have been listed as follows:

  • If the organic followers find out that there are other inorganic followers on the page, they may retrieve their interest and count from the page.
  • Since November 2018, instagram has started removing unauthenticated likes, comments and followers from the post and accounts respectively if suspected that third party applications and assistance has been used to gain popularity.

Mechanics of boosting up followers organically instead of buying followers:

Instead of relying on cheap trappers for boosting up the followers, following methods can be used:

  • Use effective content to engage more and more audience such as sharing of facts, researches, jubilant posts, launch of new products and many more.
  • Optimum use of audios, visuals, images and videos should be made.
  • Captions should be appealing.
  • Use of hash tags can be made accordingly.
  • Stay in touch with the engaged audience after regular intervals of time.


Although it sounds healthy above the surface but the truth is that the act of  buying instagram followers would have adverse effects on the brand value of the handle. Above all, violation of terms and conditions of instagram is punishable

Author Since: Apr 15, 2019

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