An Audiologist Is Different From ENT Doctor

An audiologist is a healthcare professional specialized in doing diagnosis and treat the person who has hearing problems and balance it in a proper form but not known as doctor until the completion of Au.D then he will be called as doctor of audiology.

What is the work of the audiologist?

Audiologist treats the problem of hearing and balances it in a proper way either in children or adults. You can call an audiologist as a hearing doctor because this is their primary work.

They neither perform any type of surgery nor prescribe any medications because they are not authorized to do so.

Is there is any difference between audiologists and ENT?

There are many difference and similarity between audiologist and ENT these are as follows –

Audiologists are trained to do the diagnosis of tinnitus, disorder of auditory, balance problem, and treat hearing problems.  They are the one who only do diagnosis either in infants or late in adults while ENT is another specialized doctor who can do diagnosis and treatment of Ear, Nose, and throat, they are not the one who treat hearing problem but both audiologist and ENT are somewhat related like if you are dealing with any hearing problem then you are required to visit an audiologist and then he will examine that you are dealing with any hearing problem if there is any medical condition found then he will refer you to ENT doctor and rest of the process will be done by him. This is how both are related to each other.

Important qualities of the best audiologist

There are many qualities of the good audiologist and here is list of it –

  • People skills– they are not only medical professionals but also the best and understanding professionals who understand your problem without any experience of that themselves. They have ability to connect with human nature and allow you to ask questions as per the patient’s choice.
  • Good communication- they have very good communication skills to make you understand the diagnosis process and explain you each and everything very clearly about all the further steps and treatment.
  • Has good ability to solve the problem– this is the most important thing that is very necessary in the field of medicine as if any patient is at your place then you are required to treat them well and this is exactly all audiologist do to solve the problem of patient who is suffering from any hearing problem.

Hence if you are suffering from any type of problem in hearing then you have to visit your nearest audiologist.


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